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Our Story & Who we are

Today is America is a network of 200+ social media creators generating content for a cumulative audience of 40+ million Gen Zers/Millennials. Our 501(c)(4) focuses on free-thinking, conservative, comedic, and societal content. We are dedicated to the fight against the left-wing narrative dominating our media. Beyond media, we have expanded to 12 college chapters in the US, have executed college campus conservative speaker tours, and partnered with grassroots conservative organizations, bettering their communities on a local level. 

By 2022, Gen Z/Young Millennials will become the largest voting block in America. With Today is Americas’ unique approach to packaging conservatism, we are the only organization in the industry reaching this demographic in mass. With young people turning to social media influencers, podcasters, and other less traditional outlets for news/entertainment, providing youth with conservative content to enable free thought is essential. The bias of Silicon Valley is spreading rapidly through all-new avenues of information intake - we cannot allow it to spread to peoples’ votes. Today is America was born to fight back.

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Our family

We empower young Americans by giving them a platform to express their voice; creating the largest network of creators that continually inspires, shares, and collaborates with one another growing each other’s platforms.



Our Ambassador Program has about 200 members apart of it. Ambassadors for TIA promote the mission and vision for Today is America through engaging content across social media platforms. 



Our Representatives are our bigger creators that use their platform to represent TIA and its core values, like the ambassador program they make engaging content promoting the mission and vision for Today is America. ​


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