Barron Trump Makes His Political Debut

Barron Trump Makes His Political Debut

The political arena has a new contender, and one you probably wouldn’t have expected at such a young age. 

Donald Trump’s son, Baron Trump has entered the political scene as a Florida delegate to the Republican National Committee. 

Since Trump entered office in 2017, we haven’t heard much out of his youngest son, but it seems like that’s all about to change. Barron still hasn’t even graduated highschool, that’s set to happen later this month. 

Barron turned 18 years old just this March, making him an incredibly young politician. 

Barron will be one of 41 Florida delegates along with his brothers and sisters Donald Trump Jr. Eric Trump, and Tiffany Trump serving at his side. 

Speaking of Barron’s graduation, amid his trial, a  New York State Supreme Court Justice has granted the former president permission to attend his son's ceremony on May 17th. 

The Republican National Committee will hold a convention in Milwaukee this July. At the convention, Barron’s father, Donald Trump is expected to announce his pick for Vice President. 

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