Blocking Bridges doesn’t “free Palestine”

Blocking Bridges doesn’t “free Palestine”

Anti-Israel protests have shut down the Chicago O’haire airport, and the Golden Gate Bridge. 40 were arrested at the airport and 15 were arrested at the bridge. 

Protestors blocked the bridge at 7:30 am and weren’t arrested until 10:30. One person posted a tiktok claiming they had been stranded on the bridge for 3 hours and needed water - also noting that they had used the bathroom while in traffic. 

The protest at O’hare also started at 7am blocking the roadway to terminal 1. All lanes on the Westbound interstate 190 were still. Traffic didn’t resume until 9:30 according to ABC Chicago. 

This begs the question: why weren’t these people arrested earlier? This seems to be a common theme among leftists protesting against authority. They bring havoc into the days of ordinary people who are disconnected from whatever nonsense they are protesting and have no means of changing what they want changed. 

In fact, this tactic actually seems to cause those affected, sitting in gridlocked traffic for hours at a time, to probably become less sympathetic to whatever cause the perpetrators are supporting or protesting. 

Many of these people likely face a hefty opportunity cost due to the fact that they either say in traffic for hours - hours that they could have put in at their job, providing for their families -  or have missed flights related to business, other work or family. 

These people are financially impacted by these protests over issues that they have no control over, and have no hope of reimbursement. You think that will make them get on board? 

The purpose of a protest after all is to incite change and grow numbers. These types of protests seem to actually have the opposite effect.