P-Diddy: Rap’s Jeffrey Epstein

P-Diddy: Rap’s Jeffrey Epstein

In recent times, the spotlight has swung its unrelenting gaze onto Sean “Diddy” Combs, the rap mogul extraordinaire. Combs has been credited with the discovery and cultivation of artists such as the Notorious B.I.G., Mary J. Blige, and Usher. Clearly, Diddy has an eye for talent, but what he makes that talent do is of major concern and curiosity.

November 2023 - two lawsuits were filed against Combs by two additional complainants, alleging sexual assault and revenge porn. One of the lawsuits claimed that in 1990 or 1991, he and Aaron Hall had sexually abused a woman, with Combs recording the incident.

December 2023 - a lawsuit was filed in Manhattan district court by a woman who alleges that Combs raped her in 2003 when she was 17 years old.

February 2024 - a fifth lawsuit was brought against Combs when he was sued by music producer Rodney "Lil Rod" Jones. The case alleges that Combs drugged and sexually assaulted Jones and forced him to have sex with sex workers. A lawyer for Combs described the allegations as "pure fiction." Combs' adult son Justin, his chief of staff Kristina Khorram, Universal Music Group CEO Sir Lucian Grainge, and former Motown Records CEO Ethiopia Habtemariam were also named as defendants in Jones' lawsuit.

March 25th - properties tied to Combs in Los Angeles, New York, and Miami were raided by the Department of Homeland Security using a Southern District of New York search warrant related to an unspecified ongoing investigation. Aerial footage showed multiple people being put in handcuffs at his Los Angeles residence, including Combs' two sons Justin and Christian.

March 25th -The Miami Herald reported that federal agents questioned Combs at the Opa-Locka Airport and cleared him to leave for a planned vacation to Antigua and Barbuda.

March 27th - documents obtained by USA Today stated that Lil Rod, who amended his lawsuit on March 26, accused Combs of paying to keep sex workers. Actor Cuba Gooding Jr. was also named as a lawsuit co-defendant. Prince Harry and other famous figures were implied in the lawsuit to be associated with Combs to draw guests to his parties but were not accused of any wrongdoing.

April ? - Possible “suicide” while all the cameras are turned off and security magically falls asleep.