Patriotic Dancers kicked out of "inclusive" LGBTQ dance convention

Patriotic Dancers kicked out of "inclusive" LGBTQ dance convention

A team of female line dancers in Seattle were kicked out of a dance convention for showing up with shirts donning old glory. The women were allegedly told that their shirts made attendees of the event feel “unsafe” and or “triggered”.

The borderline dance team was set to perform at the Emerald City Hoedown but were informed by organizers that their attire was unacceptable. The host, Rain Country Dance Association is reportedly an LGBTQ+ dance community.  

Ironically enough Washington is a state, 1 of 50, that make up  America. United under the very banner depicted on the shirts of these young women. 

The girls had reportedly only been at the event for 30 minutes before they started receiving complaints. The group is publicly patriotic, but claims they don’t make statements related to political movements. 

Lindsay Stamp, the co-founder of the team says that the organizers cited a small minority of event goers who found their flag tops offensive. This minority, seems to have turned out to have quite a hefty say over who ultimately gets to perform. 

"It's a shame a small percentage is allowed to overshadow the spirit of an event, which is to bring us together to share our love of country-western dance." She said after receiving mass support for going public with her story. 

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