"Swing Juice" From Golf Galaxy Employee To PGA Pro

"Swing Juice" From Golf Galaxy Employee To PGA Pro

In a dramatic Monday qualifier for the 2024 Rocket Mortgage Classic, Nick Bienz, a 27-year-old golf enthusiast and Golf Galaxy employee, found himself in an unexpected situation. As the pressure mounted during the qualifying round, Bienz turned to a conventional method for amateur golfers to calm his nerves: three cold beers.

Following the completion of Bienz’s early round, he walked off the 18th green as the leader in the clubhouse for one of the heralded qualifying spots. As Beinz waited for the rest of the field to complete their rounds, he decided to take the edge off. Three beers later, hoping they’d calm his nerves turned into preparation for a playoff round with four other golfers. 

After 18 holes, five players shot impressive 7-under 65s, vying for four coveted spots in the PGA TOUR event. The Orchards Golf Club in Washington, Michigan, witnessed an eight-hole playoff that would determine who would tee off at the Rocket Mortgage Classic. Whether it was the hops or just sheer determination, Bienz held his own. After eight holes of elimination golf, Bienz sank a clutch birdie putt, securing his spot in the Rocket Mortgage Classic. His fellow competitors looked on, perhaps wondering if they should have joined him in the beer strategy.

Bienz’s journey from the golf shop at Golf Galaxy to the PGA TOUR event is a testament to both his skill and his ability to keep his nerves in check—even if it took a few brews to do so. As he steps onto the fairways of Detroit Golf Club, he’ll carry with him the memory of those three beers and the unlikely path that led him to the big stage. Bienz appeared on “The Pat McAfee Show” on Tuesday ahead of his big weekend in Detroit. “Everybody needs a little swing oil,” Bienz said. “It’s just about finding the right balance. For me, it just happened to be three.”

So, next time you’re feeling the pressure, maybe consider reaching for a cold one. Who knows? A little bit of swing juice might just be the secret to success.