Today Is America Journalist Cam Higby Gets Bear Sprayed

Today Is America Journalist Cam Higby Gets Bear Sprayed

Yesterday in Los Angeles, a violent mob of rioters attacked a synagogue in LA. The Adas Torah temple was holding a real estate event, wherein they sold properties in Israel. The rioters had claimed that these land sales included land in the West Bank that legally belonged to Palestinians. 

Researchers at Today Is America discovered the ad where this myth sprang from and discovered that instead all listed properties were being sold in Israel proper. Places like Tel Aviv, Eilat, Yehuda, and Herzliya. The majority of the properties were coastal areas north of Tel Aviv.

Using this lie, protestors surrounded the synagogue - calling for bloody revolution against Jews (intifada). It took only an hour for the crowds to devolve into bloody crowds. 

During the time that Higby was recovering more brawls broke out in the streets, videos went viral on Twitter of mobs wearing Keffiyeh’s beating Jews to the ground. 

Other reports indicated that mobs of protestors had gone down side streets “hunting” for Jews to fight. One video shows the protestors roll up in their car to a couple walking their dog - appearing to grab a weapon from their car and threaten the pair. 

Other media outlets indicate that despite the violence and injuries, the police indicate no official arrests though several people were detained.