Tony Gonzalez Squeaks by Primary Challenger

Tony Gonzalez Squeaks by Primary Challenger

In the Texas GOP primary runoff election, U.S. Rep. Tony Gonzales faced a challenge from Brandon Herrera, a gun-toting social media influencer. Despite the close race, Gonzales emerged victorious by a margin of 407 votes. His win in Texas’ deep-red 23rd Congressional District means he will likely return to the Capitol for a third term next year.

House GOP leaders mobilized to defend Gonzales, and several establishment-allied super PACs spent over $4 million on TV ads to secure his victory.

Herrera, who dubbed himself “The AK Guy” on social media, made significant gains during the runoff period, narrowing Gonzales’ lead among early voters to less than one percentage point in the final count. Overall turnout was low, with only 5.84% of registered voters casting ballots in the primary runoff election.

Herrera had backing from Rep. Matt Gaetz and House Freedom Caucus Chair Bob Good.

This recent battle of America First Patriots vs The Swamp highlights the growing divide amongst Republicans.