Building the next generation of thought leaders.

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The breakdown of our influencer model

You want to start working to save america.


Goal: To educate you on political and cultural values, norms, and perspectives.

You work on the ground to save america.


Goal: To pair you with candidates to learn on-the-ground skills.

Program: Endorsement Program

Sharing Digital Pro-America content


Goal: To teach you the value of influence & content Creation.

You create content using your own voice, style, and point of view.


Goal: To encourage your growth, and help you start to build a voice for yourself.

We work together to help you build a brand for yourself in the political & cultural space.


Goal: help launch your brand, style, and voice and give you a unique niche in the movement to call your own.

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The Creator Fund seeks to empower Creators by giving them the means to establish themselves as figureheads outside the bounds of social media. By powering projects from our Creators, we empower them to reach new, unique, audiences with their messaging.

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The right often claims they’re the part of ‘facts > feelings’,  UndoctrinateU is here to uphold that claim by Educating, Encouraging, and Empowering Gen Z.